GARBE Institutional Capital is offering a variety of services. Depending on our clients´ preferences, we can provide these services as a whole or separately.

GARBE Institutional Capital is one of the leading investment managers for real estate in Germany, the Netherlands and Europe. It is active in the residential and commercial sector. Through its full service, vertically integrated, management platform it covers the entire property value chain, acting in the best interests of its clients.

Over 100 institutional clients trust GARBE to manage their investments, either on a fully discretionary basis or on an advisory basis. Activities include devising an investment strategy, acquisition and development of assets as well as fund, asset and property management. All activities are focused on maximizing returns within a set of risk parameters.
The team at GARBE Institutional Capital has decades of experience, is based close to the assets it manages and has access to deep local networks. It can immediately act on challenges in the market, optimize investment performance and mitigate risks. Through its GARBE network it has access to another 10 local offices with over 200 employees in Europe.

Depending on clients´ preferences, we can provide the following services as a whole or separately and on a discretionary or an advisory basis.
Our acquisition team focuses on finding suitable investment properties for our clients. Our team has access to a deep network, consisting of developers, investment managers, owners, tenants, finance providers, and advisors.

These local networks enable the team to accomplish off-market transactions. In addition, we co-operate with local brokers as well as international brokers. Additional acquisition management activities include management of due diligence processes and tax and legal structuring.

Our Contact Person

  • Harun Attar | Investment Manager Germany
  • Phone +49 173 175 7066
  • E-Mail harun.attar@garbe.de

  • Maurits Smit | Senior Investment Manager Netherlands
  • Phone +31 624 687 574
  • E-Mail m.smit@garbe.de
Our development team focuses on redeveloping non-performing real estate into performing real estate, for example through transformation. In addition, we are active on new developments, for example through sale and lease back developments.

Activities include micro-market analyses, tenant demand, finding plots, obtaining permits, project management, selecting and managing constructing companies.

Our Contact Person

  • Michiel Dubois | Managing Director
  • Phone +49 152 545 26 187
  • E-Mail m.dubois@garbe.de

  • Markus Keßler | Managing Director
  • Phone +49 172 516 8127
  • E-Mail m.kessler@garbe.de
Our fund management team focuses on optimizing the overall risk return performance of portfolio’s. It includes activities such as portfolio analyses, defining investment strategies, benchmarking, buy, hold sell analyses, regulatory requirements, external financing and client reporting.

Our Contact Person

  • Marcel van Thienen | Senior Fund Manager
  • Phone +31 653 926 940
  • E-Mail m.vanthienen@garbe.de
Our asset management team focuses on maximizing the direct and indirect return of individual properties. Adding value through executing investment strategies, maximizing occupancy and rental levels and managing possible impacts, such as micro market developments, sustainability, opex and capex.

Our Contact Person

  • Cristian Baio | Head of Asset Management
  • Phone +49 162 253 5587
  • E-Mail c.baio@garbe.de

  • Fabian Jonkmans | Senior Investment Manager Netherlands
  • Phone +31 643 571 595
  • E-Mail f.jonkmans@garbe.de
Our property management team focuses on optimizing the daily operational aspects of individual property assets. Our activities include first point of contact with the tenant, rent invoicing and collecting, insurance management, record keeping, small opex.

Our Contact Person

  • Klaas de Graaf | Financial Manger
  • Phone +31 613 718 645
  • E-Mail k.graaf@garbe.de